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In the Kitchen with Marti: Brown Sugar Zucchini Banana Bread

The green oblong beauty begs me to turn it into fritters or a beautiful shaved salad dressed lightly in a garlic lemon vinaigrette. It calls out to be paired with a grilled pork chop, or even sautéed in a pan with minimal effort. SOMETHING! ANYTHING!

There are moments when my brain feels too overwhelmed to slow down from updating Instagram or preparing a press release to just honor an ingredient that my partner worked hard to grow. It seems easier to nourish myself with my hundredth egg sandwich of the week.

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Martha Payseur
We're Not From Here and That's the Point

As a lesbian who loves to travel in small, rural, scenic byway towns, I knew what it felt like to stay in a bed and breakfast with my partner. I knew how scary it could be to tell the innkeeper about who you really were. I knew what it felt like to lie and say: “We’re sisters.”

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Martha Payseur
Grow Your Own Way

A little over a year ago, we set up an appointment to view what would become Thistle's Summit. We did it on a whim— as much as two earth signs can ever do something on a whim. We had been joking about what it would look like to live "the bed & breakfast lifestyle."

We both had successful jobs and a great community in Des Moines and even though most days it felt a little stagnate and tight for our ambitions, we didn't really think we were going to leave.

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Take Stalk

Our tomatoes are green around the shoulders, mason bees are dancing on the floppy borage blooms, sweet corn stands are popping up at the rate that Creeping Charlie is taking over cracks in the sidewalk and nasturtiums are a staple of nearly every meal. No denying that we have hit peak summer status. 

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